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production of customized valves fully according to specific customers demand.

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Butterfly valves are quite versatile ones. They can be used at multiples industrial applications, fluid, sizes, pressures, temperatures and connections at a relative low cost As any quarter turn valve, the operative of the butterfly valve is quiet easy.


A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc, the part of the valve which controls the flow through it.The ball has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur.

Gate, Globe, Check

Gate valves have an extended use in the petrochemical industry due to the fact that they can work with metal-metal sealing. They are used in clean flows.When the valve is fully opened, the free valve area coincides with area of the pipe, therefore the head lose of the valve is small.


production of customized valves fully according to specific customers demand

AlphaSeat “αS”
Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

It’s an innovative project characterized by the production of a removable valve seat that allows easy maintenance services and reduces times for maintenance interventions directly on site for each sealing parts, with a significant economic benefit.

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